Treat Your Pet to a Therapeutic Spa Day

Professional Pet Grooming Services in Baton Rouge

Treat your pet to the full Royal Treatment experience when they receive premier pet grooming services in Baton Rouge. We’ll roll out the red carpet for your pet and provide a relaxing and comforting spa day or fun activities and exciting new adventures with our boarding and daycare options.

Spa Packages & Add-Ons

Pet Grooming Services for Your Dog or Cat at Our Therapeutic Spa

Brush & Comb Out

Your pet will receive a relaxing and elegant brush and comb out. No bath included.

Sanitary Shape-Up

This package strikes the perfect balance between the basics and the works. Your dog or cat will receive a bath and a cleaning/shaping of their sanitary areas, face, paws, and furnishings.

Full Grooming Experience

Your four-legged companion receives a bath and a full body cut/shaping for the ultimate grooming experience.

Other Baton Rouge Pet Grooming Services and More

Royal Treatment goes above and beyond when treating your pet with the care and pampering they deserve. Along with our regular pet grooming services from our Baton Rouge staff, we also offer the following as add-ons:

Fresh Breath Treatment
Gland Expression
Ear Hair Plucking*
Nail Trim & Filing
Nail Polishing*
Pawdicure – Trim & Polish*
Nail Caps (Provided by Owner)
Nail Caps (Provided by Royal Treatment)
Fur Coloring*
Hand Stripping*
Day Boarding**

*Dogs only

**All pets staying 2 hours after spa treatment will have this charge added to their cart. They will receive extra walks and may stay until closing.

More About Our Spa

Luxury Sleepover Boarding Services

In addition to our pet grooming services in Baton Rouge, we also offer boarding services with luxury suites and multiple outings for your furry companion when you are out on the town and need someone to look after and care for them. Short and long-term visitors receive daily love, attention, and playtime with our trained staff.

Royal Treatment worker reads to happy Yorkshire Terrier during their Baton Rouge pet grooming services.
Two dogs playing on the floor at Royal Treatment's dog daycare, one of their pet grooming services in Baton Rouge.

Royal Recess
Doggy Daycare

Our canine guests can enjoy indoor and outdoor playtime with our activity spaces with plenty of running room and constant supervision. Learn more about the fun your pup will have at Royal Treatment’s Royal Recess experience!

More About Royal Recess

Previously known as “Romp n’ Roll”, Royal Recess is an expansion of our offerings and unifies our services under one roof.

A spread of pet treatments from Royal Treatment's pet bakery, another pet grooming service in Baton Rouge they provide.

Barkery &

Looking for tasty treats or special accessories for your prince or princess? Stop in Royal Treatment in Baton Rouge today and visit the Barkery and Boutique. We have freshly baked treats and stylish accessories fit for your little royal.

More About Our Barkery & Boutique

Our number one focus is the comfort and safety of all our guests. Starting April 28th, 2024, we will no longer be accepting new clients 12 years of age or older who have never visited Royal Treatment for any services. Although we work closely with our on-call veterinarian and veterinarians in the area to ensure the best possible environment and care possible, we are not a medical boarding facility and would hate for anything to happen on our watch due to old age that we are not equipped to swiftly handle.

Your Pet Will Love Our Luxurious Baton Rouge Pet Grooming Services

Book a time for your pet to stay with us, and you’ll see the results of our attention and care with loud purrs and wagging tails.

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