Dog Boarding in Baton Rouge That Your Pooch Will Love

It isn’t easy to separate from your best friend for any amount of time, but when necessary, you want them to be in the right hands. Our Baton Rouge dog boarding services will treat your dogs with care, attention, and plenty of belly rubs. Schedule Baton Rouge dog boarding services fit for a king or queen.

Does Your Dog Have Everything They Need Before They Visit Us?

Suites & Castles Fit for Royalty
Baton Rouge Dog Boarding Options & Add-Ons

The Sedberry Suite (6 ft x 8 ft) Penthouse

This is the ultimate royal experience. Quiet and separate lux room with TVs and a chandelier, treat webcam with owner access, half-priced therapeutic spa bath before departure, and lux raised bed. Included play package OR Cuddle package each day of their stay. Additional outings and playtimes can be requested for an additional charge.
$95/per night

The Royal Court Suite (6 ft x 8 ft)

Double the space with all the same royal amenities as The Lord & Lady Suite.
$85/per night

The Lord & Lady Suite (4 ft x 6 ft)

There is no “basic” in our vocabulary; this beautiful airy suite will make your dog feel like royalty.
$60/per night

Private rooms and comfortable beds provided with dog boarding in Baton Rouge.

Royal Recess Daycare

No boarding is necessary. Your dog will enjoy the day with a monitored mix of inside and outdoor small group play, individual play, and naptime.
$30 full day
More About Dog Daycare


Play Package

A perfect mix of inside and outdoor group play.

Cuddle Package

Extra one-on-one time for your dog! Great for pups who love cuddles!

Primping Package

Brush & comb out per day, plus a spritz of cologne.

Paw-parazzi Package

Worried about missing your furry friend? Don’t you fret! We will send you two sets of pictures daily and a bit about how their stay is going.

Holiday Boarding Deposit Notice

Starting immediately, all new boarding reservations scheduled for the holiday season will require a 25% boarding deposit. This change is necessary due to the high demand during the holidays and will help ensure the best care for your pets. For more information, read the full notice.

Our number one focus is the comfort and safety of all our guests. Starting April 28th, 2024, we will no longer be accepting new clients 12 years of age or older who have never visited Royal Treatment for any services. Although we work closely with our on-call veterinarian and veterinarians in the area to ensure the best possible environment and care possible, we are not a medical boarding facility and would hate for anything to happen on our watch due to old age that we are not equipped to swiftly handle.

The Sedberry Suite

Learn More

The Royal Court Suite

Learn More

The Lord & Lady Suite

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Your Pup’s Favorite Resort

How Our Baton Rouge Dog Boarding Staff Cares for Your Pup

Our experienced Baton Rouge dog boarding staff works with every breed and can handle your shy, playful, or rambunctious pup with care and patience.

Deposit required for stays of three nights or more or during peak holiday times. 

We offer both Military and Student Discounts on Dog Boarding Packages, as well as Extended Stay Discounts.

We offer:

Indoor & Outdoor Play Areas
Private Room
Cozy Bed
4 Walks a Day
Personal Attention
Laundry Service
NASA-Grade Air Purifier
Remote Camera Access (with Sedberry Suite)
And More!

* We do not provide medical boarding, but if your dog needs special medication or a special routine, please discuss this with us before making your appointment. Your dog’s health and safety, as well as overall care, is our top priority.

Short & Long-Term Stays – Your Dog Will Feel Right at Home

You and your pup won’t have to stress with Baton Rouge dog boarding services from Royal Treatment. Book a time and date today – we cannot wait to see you!

FAQ/What You Need to Bring

Does My Dog Need Any Vaccines or Shots?

For the safety of all our furry visitors, we require proof that your dog is up to date on the following vaccines/shots:

  • Rabies
  • Bordetella – Canine Cough (6-month booster required) *
  • DAV2PPv – Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, and Parvovirus
  • CIV – Canine Flu (recommended for your dog’s safety)
  • Lepto – (required if not included in their distemper combo)

We also require they are not sick and flea-treated. (If we notice fleas, we will treat them at your expense.)

*Bordetella is a canine respiratory illness somewhat similar to the flu/cold. There are many strains of Bordetella. Dogs are particularly susceptible when under any kind of stress, like being away from family. Thus the name “Kennel Cough” being the colloquial term. Vaccines offered by vets cover most but not all forms of Bordetella. We ask that you request a 6-month vaccination from your veterinarian to be best covered. The vaccination does not prevent ALL strains of Bordetella and by bringing your dog you understand that there is still a chance of the illness being spread. Your pet being vaccinated against it does not guarantee that they will not catch it, due to the various strains of the illness.

Do I Need to Bring Any Food or Toys for My Dog?

You are welcome to bring any food or toys for your dog to play with while they are staying with us. If they have a special dietary requirement, we ask you to bring their specific food and leave us instructions for their health. We refresh their water daily and provide them with a clean bed.

We also have grain-free, nutritional food we can provide for $3 a day per pooch fee. Note: switching a pet’s food can lead to upset stomachs if the pet is not used to our house food.

Can You Give My Dog Their Medication?

Yes, we can administer simple oral and topical medicines to your dog at no additional charge. Please bring your vet’s instructions for administration and scheduling.

Do I Need to Provide Anything Else?

We ask that you leave your and your vet’s emergency contact information in case of an emergency. We take care of everything else for you and your loving dog! 

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