Welcome to Royal Recess, an elevated dog daycare experience in Baton Rouge!

What sets our dog daycare in Baton Rouge apart is our smaller group play mindset. We offer groups based on size, temperament, age, playstyle, and more. Our highly trained Baton Rouge dog daycare attendants offer supervision, learn about your dog and their playstyle to build a relationship with them, and best group them and help with their enrichment needs.

What Do I Need to Know Before a Reserving?

Royal Recess – Baton Rouge Dog Daycare

We understand that every dog is unique

Group Play

Ideal for social butterflies who love making other furry friends. Let your pup romp and roll in a safe, individualized, and supervised group setting, where they can engage in exciting activities with their friends. Our Baton Rouge dog daycare groups are carefully curated based on a variety of factors including size, temperament, play style, age, and more.
$30/ day

Individual Play

Perfect for pups who prefer the company of people friends. Your dog will enjoy one-on-one attention and playtime tailored specifically to their needs and preferences.
$35/ day

Reservation Policy

To ensure your furry friend gets a spot at Royal Recess in the future, reservations are a must! We’re here to take care of your pets and keep tails wagging, so please call us to reserve your spot. While we do our best to accommodate walk-ins, space will be limited, and we want to guarantee a spot for your dog. If your pup will not be able to come to Royal Recess after a reservation has been made, please call or message us to let us know.

**If a “no show” occurs, a fee of $15 or a day off your package will be collected**

Worker feeding a dog at Royal Treatment's dog daycare in Baton Rouge.

What to Expect

Throughout the day we cycle groups of dogs. When not in their play groups, dogs will rest in our homestyle kennel or suites until their group is ready to play again. We do not offer “traditional” all-day play because we believe dogs need time to calm down and rest between their play times to not overstimulate them.

We believe that your dog should be well-exercised but not exhausted by the end of the day. Royal Treatment wants you to enjoy your pet and play with them at home but without the wild and crazy energy that some dogs can have!

Rules and Regulations:

To ensure the safety and well-being of all our furry guests, we kindly request that you observe the following guidelines:

Only bring your dog to Royal Treatment when they are in good health. Dogs showing signs of illness will be sent home with a veterinarian recommendation. No sick pets will be allowed to interact with other pets.
Dogs who do not interact well with the group will be gently removed. If no aggression has been shown, we will make efforts to regroup them with dogs better suited to their activity level. If a dog displays aggressive tendencies, they will be promptly removed from the group and transferred to individual play for their safety and the safety of others.
For the safety and enjoyment of all guests, please note that all dogs over 6 months old must be spayed or neutered to participate in group play.

Our number one focus is the comfort and safety of all our guests. Starting April 28th, 2024, we will no longer be accepting new clients 12 years of age or older who have never visited Royal Treatment for any services. Although we work closely with our on-call veterinarian and veterinarians in the area to ensure the best possible environment and care possible, we are not a medical boarding facility and would hate for anything to happen on our watch due to old age that we are not equipped to swiftly handle.

Several happy dogs at Royal Treatment, a pet grooming company company in Baton Rouge.

At Royal Treatment, your pet’s happiness and well-being are our top priorities. Come to our dog daycare in Baton Rouge and join us for a day of enrichment, luxury, and fun!

Add-On Services

Spa n’ Play

Enhance your pet’s spa experience with our exclusive add-on service: Spa n’ Play. Your furry friend can indulge in the ultimate pampering experience, combining grooming excellence with the joy of group play! (Individual play is not available for Spa n’ Play)

Alternatively, if your pet has a Royal Recess package with us, they can utilize one of their prepaid days for this exciting add-on!

How Spa n’ Play Works

With Spa n’ Play, your dog can enjoy an exciting and fun Royal Recess session where they can play with all their friends. Afterward, they’ll receive top-notch grooming services to ensure they’re clean and fresh for you upon pickup.

At Royal Treatment, your pet’s happiness and well-being are our top priorities. Come join us for a day of enrichment, luxury, and fun!

Booking Information:

To enjoy Spa n’ Play, simply request this service when booking your grooming appointment. Please note that this service must be attached to your spa day BEFORE coming into our facility to ensure availability. Our friendly front desk staff will be happy to assist you and provide more details about this exciting add-on service.

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