Therapeutic Pet Spa in Baton Rouge & Pet Grooming Fit for Your King or Queen

Your pet deserves a spa day, so treat them to the best pet spa in Baton Rouge. Royal Treatment’s therapeutic spa services will make your pet look and feel like royalty with relaxing treatments, supportive attention, and a calming touch. Let your pet experience true relaxation and prime pampering when you schedule premier pet grooming at our Baton Rouge pet spa today!

What Do I Need to Know Before a Spa Day?

Pet Grooming Services at Our
Therapeutic Baton Rouge Pet Spa

Brush & Comb Out

Your dog or cat will receive a relaxing and elegant brush and comb out. No bath included.

Sanitary Shape-Up

Strike the perfect balance between the basics and the more luxurious treatments. This package includes a bath and a cleaning/shaping  of their sanitary areas, face, paws, and furnishings.

Full Grooming Experience

Your prince or princess will receive a bath and a full body cut/shaping of your choice for the ultimate grooming experience.

Spa Add-Ons

Pet Grooming & Spa Add-Ons

Fresh Breath Treatment
Gland Expression
Ear Hair Plucking*
Nail Trim & Filing
Nail Polishing*
Pawdicure – Trim & Polish
Nail Caps (Provided by Owner)
Nail Caps (Provided by Royal Treatment)
Fur Coloring*
Hand Stripping*
Day Boarding**

*Dogs only

**All pets staying 2 hours after spa treatment will have this charge added to their cart. They will receive extra walks and may stay until closing.

Yorkshire Terrier after a therapeutic pet spa in Baton Rouge from Royal Treatment.

Customized Upgrades

Detangle Your Oodle!

Curly Coated Cuties


Detangle shampoo & conditioner
Specialty detangling spray
Up to 30 min. brush & comb
Dematting not included
Loved by Poodles, Doodles, and Maltipoos

Release the Beast, Find Your Beauty!



Deshedding shampoo or conditioner
Up to 30 minutes of dead coat removal
Loved by Labs, Huskies, and Samoyeds

Show Your True Colors!

Color Enhancement

$10 – 15

True color shampoo
Blueberry Facial (helps w/ tear stains)
Great for all coats!
Loved by Maltese, Shih-Tzus, and Bichons

Sooth the Itch, Calm the Mind!

Itch Relief

$20 – 30

10–15-minute soak in anti-itch medicated shampoo
Hypoallergenic facial
Great for itchy, irritated skin


$10 – 15

Detoxed charcoal shampoo
Paw detox & conditioning, adds moisture & repairs damage
Loved by allergy-prone coats
Great for product build-up & flaky skin

Deep Cleanse

$10 – 15

Clarifying shampoo paw detox
Great for those who are extra smelly
Loved by hunting dogs & hard players

Flea Treatment

*with Capstar: $25 – 35
*without Capstar: $15 – 25

Flea shampoo soak (10-15 min)
Flea check & comb through
Does not replace flea preventative

*All our products are elite in the industry and are formulated for the customized needs of your dog.

Our number one focus is the comfort and safety of all our guests. Starting April 28th, 2024, we will no longer be accepting new clients 12 years of age or older who have never visited Royal Treatment for any services. Although we work closely with our on-call veterinarian and veterinarians in the area to ensure the best possible environment and care possible, we are not a medical boarding facility and would hate for anything to happen on our watch due to old age that we are not equipped to swiftly handle.

Large grey and white dog getting a bath at our Baton Rouge pet spa.

View our packages to find something that’s just right for your precious pet. Your dog or cat will love the Royal Treatment they’ll get with our therapeutic pet spa in Baton Rouge.

Ultimate Relaxation and Style

Why You Should Choose Our Baton Rouge Pet Spa

Baton Rouge pet spa and pet grooming from Royal Treatment offers:

Groomers with Over 45 Years of Experience
Sedative-Free Care
Steady Demeanor & Calming Touch

Contact Royal Treatment today for a pet spa in Baton Rouge that cares about your pet’s safety and comfort while treating them like the prince or princess they are!

Fun for Everyone After a Relaxing Spa Day

Once your little royal is ready for the spotlight, they can enjoy a restful nap in their suite or go romping around in our large play areas. We have an indoor and outdoor play area for your canine companion and a cat activity wall for our feline friends. Both areas are constantly supervised by our staff for your pet’s safety.

Schedule a spa day, drop off your pet, and we’ll call you to pick them up when we are done.

Drop Off Times

Baton Rouge Pet Spa Drop-Off Times


Grooms: 7 am – 1 pm*
Bathing: 7 am – 12 pm


Grooms: 8 am – 11 am*
Bathing: 8 am – 11 am

*Grooms done by appointment times only

At Royal Treatment, we go above and beyond with our therapeutic pet spa and Baton Rouge pet grooming services. We ensure your dog or cat is comfortable and enjoys their time during their visit.

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