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See what our Royal Family is saying about our professional pet grooming and boarding services. Do you want a member of the Royal Family? Schedule an appointment for a luxury sleepover or therapeutic spa day and see why our clients love visiting Royal Treatment!

My dog loves to play in their Romp N Roll daycare. They truly love her as if she was their own. She also gets her nails done frequently. They make her feel comfortable for clipping and grinding. I can’t recommend them enough for any grooming or boarding services you might need for your pet.

It’s my dog’s home away from home.

Sarah Winn

I absolutely adore The Royal Treatment!

The environment is so calming, nurturing, and fun at the same time! The groomers and all other employees adore each pup/cat that walks through those doors and treat them as their own. And they do everything NATURALLY ???? no sedatives! just patience, love, and understanding. every interaction between employees and clients is personal and genuine and the workers at The Royal Treatment seem to care just as much about the pet owners and they do those precious fur babies!

Sarah Culotta

Royal Treatment Pet Manor was amazing! I was in a last minute rush to find a boarding place for my two cats and they have helped so much! They took great care of my two cats and had an amazing facility. I loved the aquarium that was attached to the cat area for them to watch and the cat area itself was so nice. I just loved how much detail that went in on ensuring your pets get the best treatment. The management was so great, Trevor helped me so much with the paperwork on my pets vaccinations.

I can’t wait to take my pets back here again.

Aine Lusker

I don’t know why I have never done this before!

I took my sweet cat to The Royal Treatment To get a good wash because I use some new cat litter and it kept getting stuck in her hair. After being pampered and being taken care of by the team there, she came back to me looking more beautiful than ever! Her fur is so soft, and she smells soooo good. I can’t stop snuggling with her! Thank you so much for you and your team! You guys do everything top notch!

Aimee Supp

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