The Only Resort-Style Cat Boarding in Baton Rouge

We all know how high-maintenance cats can be – as they should be! Our cat boarding in Baton Rouge takes pride in treating your cats with the proper pomp and circumstance they deserve. Ensure your cat is safe and comfortable while running errands, heading to work, or going on vacation with Royal Treatment’s cat boarding in Baton Rouge.

Does Your Cat Have Everything They Need Before They Visit Us?

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Cat Boarding Options & Add-Ons

The Cousteaux Townhouse Suite

Custom two-story suite, lux bed upgrade & scratch post, and Chivalry Play Package. It also includes a 10% discount on spa baths.
$60/per night

The Aristocat Duplex

Top & bottom adjoined condo with double the leg room, two separate potty areas, and built-in perches.
$50/per night

The Aristocat Condo

Condos for the cat that loves to lounge with a built-in perch. Designed for coziness & cleanliness.
$30/per night


Chivalry Play Package

Two 10-minute playtime sessions, activity play wall, perch view of fish tank, and playtime treat.

Therapeutic Bath

Treat your cat to a spa day before leaving to help them feel like royalty!
Grey and white cat staring out the window of our Baton Rouge cat boarding facility.

Holiday Boarding Deposit Notice

Starting immediately, all new boarding reservations scheduled for the holiday season will require a 25% boarding deposit. This change is necessary due to the high demand during the holidays and will help ensure the best care for your pets. For more information, read the full notice.

Our number one focus is the comfort and safety of all our guests. Starting April 28th, 2024, we will no longer be accepting new clients 12 years of age or older who have never visited Royal Treatment for any services. Although we work closely with our on-call veterinarian and veterinarians in the area to ensure the best possible environment and care possible, we are not a medical boarding facility and would hate for anything to happen on our watch due to old age that we are not equipped to swiftly handle.

The Cousteaux Townhouse

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The Aristocat Condo

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The Aristocat Duplex

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Your Cat Will Feel Right at Home

What Your Cat Gets with Cat Boarding in Baton Rouge

In addition to luxurious and cozy personal suites, our cat boarding in Baton Rouge also gives feline guests time to explore and play in our indoor play area. We make them feel right at home with plenty of attention, playtime, and privacy.

We offer both Military and Student Discounts on Boarding Packages, as well as Extended Stay Discounts.

Our cat boarding in Baton Rouge includes:

Cat Activity Wall (with play package)
Private Suite
Cozy Bed
Stress-Free Environment
Daily Attention
Dedicated Playtime
Laundry Service
And More!

Short & Long-Term Stays – We’ll Keep Your Cat Calm & Comfortable

Make sure your cat gets nothing less than paw-fection when you reserve your spot at the premier cat boarding provider in Baton Rouge today. Call to schedule your cat’s visit.

FAQ/What You Need to Bring

Does My Cat Need Any Vaccines or Shots?

For the safety of all our furry visitors, we require proof that your cat is up to date on the following vaccines/shots:

  • Rabies
  • FVRCP – Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia
  • FeLV – Feline Leukemia (recommended)

We also require they are not sick and flea-treated. (If we notice fleas, we will treat them at your expense.)

Do I Need to Bring Any Food or Toys for My Cat?

You are welcome to bring any food or toys for your cat to play with while they are staying with us. If they have a special dietary requirement, we ask you to bring their specific food and leave us instructions for their health. We refresh their water daily and provide them with a clean bed.

We can provide food for your pet at $3 a day per pet. Note: switching a pet’s food can lead to upset stomachs if the pet is not used to our house food.

Can You Give My Cat Their Medication?

Yes, our experienced staff and groomers can administer simple oral and topical medicines to your cat at no additional charge. We will also adhere to any special diets or treatments. Please bring your vet’s instructions for administration and scheduling.

Do I Need to Provide Anything Else?

We ask that you leave your and your vet’s emergency contact information in case of an emergency. We take care of everything else for you and your loving cat!

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