Cat Boarding

The Only Resort-Style Cat Boarding in Baton Rouge​

At Royal Treatment, we know how to treat your kitty cats with all the proper pomp and circumstance they deserve. Our cat boarding service offers luxurious suites for your pet to play and relax like they are on vacation.

We know that cats rule, which is why we treat them like princes and princesses when they stay with us. Our cat boarding service puts your furry friend in their own personal suite or room. With a space all to their own, they enjoy a relaxing stay in a safe place made just for them.

Our experienced staff members visit your cat daily to give them lots of attention with play time and loads of snuggles so they feel right at home. We provide a private space and constant supervision to ensure your cat is safe and comfortable at all times.

Cat Boarding with a Twist

In addition to their cozy suite, visiting cats with our Play Package get time to explore and play on our cat activity wall. This special room was made especially for our furry friends who have a knack for jumping, twisting, and running. Plus, they get to claim their perch in front of our 200 gallon saltwater fish tank. Your cat will get plenty of love at Royal Treatment.

Extended Cat Boarding

Whether you will be working from across the world for a month or taking a weekend vacation, we can house your lovable kitty for any extended period of time. Our clean facility and trained staff will keep your cat in good health and comfort while you are away.

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We offer both Military and Student Discounts on Boarding Packages, as well as Extended Stay Discounts.

Cat Daycare & Boarding

All Guests Receive: 

200+ Gallon Salt Water Fish Tank View, Quiet, Separate Room from Dogs, Nutritional Cat Food, Water at All Times, Laundry Service, Personal Attention & Loving Care, Privacy Bathroom, Barre Free Suite, and Cozy Bed.

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FAQ / What You Need to Bring

For the safety of all our furry visitors we require proof that your cat is up to date on the following vaccines/shots:
  • Rabies
  • FVRCP – Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia
  • FeLV – Feline Leukemia (recommended)
  • We also require they are not sick and Flea Treated (If we notice fleas, we will treat them at your expense)

    You are welcome to bring any food or toys for your cat to play with while they are staying with us. If they have a special dietary requirement, we ask you to bring their specific food and leave us instructions for their health. We refresh their water daily and provide them with a clean bed.

    We can provide food for your pet at $2 a day per pet.

    Yes, our experienced staff and groomers can administer simple oral and topical medicines to your cat at no additional charge. We will also adhere to any special diets or treatments. Please bring your vet’s instructions for administration and scheduling.

    We ask that you leave your and your vet’s emergency contact information in case of an emergency. We take care of everything else for you and your loving cat! Tune in at any time to see your prince or princess having the time of their life via our pet cams, which you can access through our website.