Boarding Your Pet for the Holidays | Comfort and Joy for Your Dog or Cat

Board Your Pet for the Holidays and Give Them Comfort and Joy

When it comes to the most wonderful time of the year, your schedule, along with your suitcase, are usually packed. Whether you’re planning to visit family in another town or they’re making the trip out to you, your adorable dogs and cats can easily be left out of the festivities. Making sure your pet is comfortable and relaxed during the stressful holiday season is as simple as boarding them at Royal Treatment. With special attention just for them, they’ll feel like royalty spending the holiday at their winter vacation home.

Happy with No Holiday StressSad dog during Christmas who would love to be in a boarding facility

Have you noticed that your dog wants to be walked every day after dinner or that your cat wakes you up every morning at 5 a.m. for breakfast? It’s because pets thrive on routine! When visitors come and disrupt your pet’s daily activities or you leave for the week and expect another busy person to care for your dog or cat, you’re disrupting their routine, causing them stress and anxiety. In addition, dogs and cats feed off of their owner’s energy. When you’re running around prepping dinner for 20 people or trying to pack your whole life into a single suitcase, your furry friend reflects that nervous energy and becomes very upset.

Boarding facilities are great at reducing stress for pets during the holidays. Especially at Royal Treatment, pets feel comfortable at all times because we normalize your pet’s routine as much as possible by sticking to their schedule. Your dog or cat doesn’t need to be crated in the car for eight hours or hide from strangers when they stay with us.

Our professionals are at the facility for most of the day caring for and playing with your little one. We ask you to bring a token from home like a t-shirt or toy so they’ll feel comfortable and relaxed. At our luxury boarding facility, your pet will feel like they are getting an extra special treat, especially when compared to the stress of at-home holidays.

The Best Night of the Year for Fido and Felix

No one does holidays for pets quite like Royal Treatment. We know that this time is special, and we believe your pets should get to celebrate just as much as you! Over the holidays, we give each of our visitors a gourmet meal that is not only delicious but also healthy. Guests enjoy pumpkin and rice additions during meal times to help soothe their stomach and entice them to eat a healthy amount.

We also put up festive decorations and play holiday music so your cat or dog feels right at home. The real key difference at the Royal Treatment, however, is how much time we spend at the facility on the holidays. For us, our family is the guests at Royal Treatment so we spend a full day there caring for them. During the holidays, your pets still get individual attention, playtime, walks, and extra treats at Royal Treatment.

Boarded cat over the holidays that is safe and comfortableSafe and Warm All Snuggled Up in Bed

While taking your furry best friend on vacation with you might sound like a good idea, it’s actually very dangerous for your pet. Boarding your animal at a boarding facility means your pet is less at risk of being injured, getting lost, or getting sick.

Our professionals at Royal Treatment keep an eye on your pets and keep them on schedule with medicine, food, and play time. We also record everything in their personal profiles and can help them instantly if they are not acting right. Instead of having to wait to get your destination to contact a vet in the area, we are able to instantly contact our on-call vets at any time and then call you with updates.

Convenient and Customizable Just Like Your Traditions

Royal Treatment offers great convenience to you and your pet. When you board your cat or dog with us over the holidays, you have the option to customize their experience down to the smallest detail. You can choose whether you’d like your pet to stay in a condo or suite, when they need a walk, and when they get fed. In addition, while they visit, they can be groomed and bathed so when you pick them up, they are squeaky clean. Our cat owners can even choose if they would like their cat to have time on our play wall. At Royal Treatment, everything is customizable to the pet owner’s preferences.

Don’t risk your pet’s comfort or safety this holiday season. Board your dog or cat this season at Royal Treatment. Call to customize your pet’s experience today!

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