Doggy Day Care – The Most Fun for Benji Since Tug-o-War

The Best Doggy Day Care Means Benji Isn’t Left Out or Bored at Home

We all know that dogs are social, friendly creatures who love nothing better than a few ear scratches and being able to chase their favorite toy. Sometimes though, we find it hard to find the time to give our furry companions the attention they need, especially during the holidays. When we are making plans and preparing for visitors, little Benji can be left out. Fortunately, doggy day care at Royal Treatment is open for your best furry friend and can give him or her all the socialization, exercise, and safe fun they can handle.

SocializationDog taking a water break at doggy day care

It’s not a secret that dogs of all kind love to greet, play, and bond with others of both the two-legged and four-legged persuasion. Doggy day care services allow your dog to meet and play with other dogs and people for their best day ever.

The best part of a doggy day care is that other dogs are required to have certain vaccinations and to be healthy when brought in to play. That means you don’t have to worry about your little rascal’s health when they are socializing with other dogs. At Royal Treatment, we fully believe that dogs need socialization for a happy life and enforce all the major vaccinations for a healthy life too.


Whether you have a little Jack Russell Terrier or a big Great Dane, a few laps around the house is just not enough exercise for those who have four legs. One of the key benefits of letting your dog visit a doggy day care is the amount of exercise they can get. From running around with their new four-legged friends to just sniffing all the new smells or playing with one of the human supervisors, dogs are able to get tons of exercise at day care.

At Royal Treatment, we give your dog even more room to run around when they are dropped off. We have both an inside and outside play area that dogs are welcome to roam around in all day. Of course, there’s always time for water breaks and relaxation time in the shade too.

A dog playing with a ball at doggy day careFun, Supervised Play

Having your energy-filled dog cooped up at home all day can be a waste when there’s so much do at doggy day care. It’s also something to consider that sometimes when dogs get bored they can get into mischief. When they visit Royal Treatment, however, you have nothing to worry about. Our expert trainers and professionals supervise your dog’s play at all times to ensure they have a safe and fun-filled day.

Allowing your furry friend to visit a doggy day care means tons of fun, a safe environment, and tons of time for you to do all your errands.

When it comes to our best furry friends, we want to make sure they have plenty of time to play with friends and exercise in a safe area, and that’s just what Royal Treatment does at doggy day care. Contact Royal Treatment today and start dropping your favorite pooch off at doggy day care.

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