Our Pet Spa Philosophy and Promise

Your pet is part of your family and deserves to be treated like one. At Royal Treatment, we ensure your furry friend receives the proper care and attention they deserve as your family member. We always strive to give your pet the perfect groom at our pet spa and a make sure they are feeling their best throughout their visit.

When it comes to our grooming philosophy, we believe our behavior is just as important as your pet’s. When we are calm and patient, your dog or cat is more likely to relax. When we are confident and steady, your pet is more likely to feel comfortable and trust us during their pet spa treatments.

Non-Sedative Pet Spa Services and Grooming

We work to change your pet’s mind about spa days with a kindness and service like none other. With a steady demeanor and a calming touch, we keep your pets looking their best with minimal stress.

All of our groomers show love, patience, and care while grooming your furry friends. We never use sedative medicine during grooming and have always found kindness to be the only solution needed for a nervous pet. Our groomers take the extra time and steps to ensure your pet is comfortable and stress-free.

While we cannot promise that our technique will work every time and for every dog, we will always make your pet’s spa day the best it can be without the use of sedatives. We will work with your pet until they are comfortable with us, whether that takes an hour or several visits.

Contact us today to schedule a pet spa appointment or learn more about our pet spa services.