Professional Pet Grooming Services for Your Furry Friend

Pet Grooming Services for Dogs and Cats

Peek-A-Boo Service

For when your pet just needs a little trim around the face and eyes – all the better to see you with!

Touch-up Service

Your furry friend will receive a bath, nail trim/file, and a coat trim around their face and eyes.

Sanitary Grooming Experience

This package strikes the perfect balance between the basics and the works. Your pet will receive a bath, a nail trim/filing, and a cleaning/shaping of the sanitary areas.

Full Grooming Experience

Your furry friend receives a bath, a nail trim/file, and a full body cut/shaping of your choosing for the ultimate grooming experience.

Pet Grooming Services – Dog & Cat Spa Experience

Luxury Comfort Experience

Your fancy friend receives a bath, ear cleaning, blueberry facial, and a fur brush and blow-out crowned with a bow or bandana.

Lavish Primping Experience

This experience is what we mean by the royal treatment. Your noble pet receives a therapeutic bath with calming shampoo, ear cleaning, blueberry facial, and a fur brush and blow-out crowned with a bow or bandana. They also receive a spritz of hypoallergenic perfume or cologne to make grand entrance.

Daycare, Boarding and More

When your little royals need a day of play or someone to care for them while you’re away, look no further than the Royal Treatment. Think of us as a summer home for your pet where they can enjoy some relaxing days of fun and sun. With indoor and outdoor play areas, your pet will love spending their vacation with us. Each visitor gets their own room and enjoys daily play time and individualized attention. Our outdoor dog park provides plenty of running room for every doggy guest.
Boarding Services
We welcome visitors in need of extended stays and will provide a home away from home for your adored pet. Long-term visitors receive daily love, attention, and play time with our professionals. Our cat activity wall offers your cat continuous stimulation and exploration time. Doggy visitors can enjoy indoor and outdoor play time within our activity spaces including an outdoor dog park with plenty of running room and constant supervision.
Other Pet Grooming Services
  • Flea Treatment
  • De-shedding Treatment
  • Teeth Brushing/Dental Spray
  • Ear Hair Removal
  • Anal Gland Expression
  • Nail Trim/Filing
  • Doggicure
  • Hair Dying