Romp n Roll to Royal Recess changes

Exciting Changes for 2024 - Boarding, Grooming, and Daycare

Starting February 1st

After much consideration and planning, we have made the decision to close our Romp N Roll building. However, this isn't the end of our commitment to providing exceptional care and services for your beloved pets. Instead, we are thrilled to announce the evolution of our daycare offerings under a new name: "Royal Recess"

Romp n Roll to Royal Recess changes

Starting February 1st

I hope this message finds you and your furry friends well. We are writing to share some exciting news regarding our services and an important update about our Romp N Roll daycare building beginning soon.

After much consideration and planning, we have made the decision to close our Romp N Roll building. However, this isn’t the end of our commitment to providing exceptional care and services for your beloved pets. Instead, we are thrilled to announce the evolution of our daycare offerings under a new name: “Royal Recess”

What does this mean for you and your fur-kids?

Rest assured, the exceptional care and attention your dogs receive will continue seamlessly. The same dedicated staff who cared for your pets at Romp N Roll will now be part of our new Royal Recess team. Your dogs will still enjoy the staff that have been caring for them, their familiar groups and playtimes, and we may even introduce some new friends for them to socialize with!

At our main building, The Manor, we’ve curated turfed yards and suites designed to accommodate dogs who may not have thrived in our homestyle kennels at Romp N Roll. Our goal is to maintain their routines and ensure their comfort while providing a safe and enjoyable environment.

This change allows us to expand our offerings at Royal Treatment without the limitations imposed by our Romp N’ Roll building’s constraints. We’re incredibly excited about the possibilities this presents. By consolidating our daycare services under one roof, we can enhance your pets’ experiences during their stay with us for any service.

We’re committed to providing exceptional care and ensuring your pets have a comfortable and enjoyable stay with us. While adjusting our services, we aim to streamline our offerings to create a more cohesive and enriching experience for your furry companions.

The transition to Royal Recess, operating from The Manor, allows us to enhance and integrate daycare seamlessly with our boarding and spa services. Your pets will continue to receive the same level of luxury care and attention they’ve always enjoyed, now with added conveniences and customizable options.

Royal Recess will remain consistent with our previous rates at Romp N’ Roll, priced at $30 per day. Any Romp N’ Roll packages that were bought will still be honored, to make the transition as seamless as possible. Savings packages for Royal Recess will be available, as well. However, we will no longer offer half-day play sessions as a standalone service, except for pets here specifically for grooming services. We also will not be offering the “Student Rate” that we did in the past but will still be offering our 10% student discount that we offer for all services! We also want to remind our amazing clients that we do have a rewards system that racks up points with every visit that you can then use as store credit, make sure to utilize your points!

For pets visiting us for a spa day, we’re excited to offer an option to include playtime sessions for a half day at a charge of $25. They will be able to play with friends and get some energy out before their spa service. In this scenario, if your furry friend remains with us for two hours past their grooming completion time, there won’t be an additional day boarding fee. Additionally, if your dog is here for boarding they will also be able to have Royal Recess options, giving you choices to make your pet more comfortable than ever before!

Now, along with this exciting change, we want to ensure a smooth experience for both you and your furry friends. We will be implementing a reservation policy for Royal Recess that is not attached to another service, such as boarding or grooming. Reservations will be essential for any dogs looking to participate in our daycare program. While we’ll do our best to accommodate walk-ins, if space allows, securing a reservation at least a day in advance will guarantee your pet a spot.

In addition to this reservation policy, we will be instituting a “no call, no show” fee for any dogs that have a reservation and do not show up. This charge will be half the cost of a day of Royal Recess ($15) or a day off your package, if you have bought one of our savings packages.

This policy is being included to ensure that Royal Recess spots will not be wasted, when we could have accommodated another dog with the spot that was taken by the reservation. Again, this is ONLY for “no call, no shows”. If you are not able to make your reservation we just ask that you give us a call or message us via Gingr’s text service by 9AM to let us know your pet will not be able to make it in that day.

We will also be instituting the same “no call, no show” policy for boarding and grooming pets. The “no show” fee is $35 dollars and your deposit will be forfeited. This fee will ONLY be charged to clients who do not inform us that they will not be able to make it to their reservation/appointment. 

This policy adjustment is aimed at streamlining our services, ensuring we can maintain a comfortable environment for all attending pets and provide them with the best possible care, as well as being able to accommodate any pet parents that may have been waiting for a spot to become available. 

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter as we strive to enhance your pets’ experiences with us. Your trust and your pets’ care remain and always will be our top priorities. We believe this change will elevate the quality of services we provide and create an even more enriching experience for your dogs.

Your feedback and understanding during this transition are immensely appreciated. If you have any questions or require further clarification regarding our updated services, pricing, or policies please reach out to me directly at [email protected].

We are wishing all of our Royal Family a prosperous and happy New Year!

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