Indoor & Outdoor Play

Outdoor & Indoor Play Area Plus Indoor Cat Activity Wall for Our Daycare Clients

Our daycare clients have tons of energy which is why we have plenty of room for them to play. After a relaxing visit to the salon or spa, our clients can zoom about in our indoor or outdoor play areas.

At Royal Treatment, we provide space for your furry friend to burn some energy and socialize. We want them to not only look their best but also feel their best too. With plenty of toys and human supervision, your pet can run and explore until you come to take them home. Both areas are constantly monitored by our trained staff and camera-ready for your convenience.

Outdoor Dog Play Area

We keep a large outdoor dog park play area ready and clean for your lovable dog to run a round in and meet new friends. Our staff members constantly supervise the secure area and prevent any misbehavior for a safe and dog-friendly environment. Our yard is fenced and monitored at all times. If your dog is sensitive to the heat or would prefer to stay indoors, they can visit our indoor dog park as well.

Indoor Play Area

We have separate indoor play areas for dogs and cats to create a stress-free place for them to roam around and relax.

Indoor Play Area

Whether your pup prefers indoor luxuries or the weather is not cooperating, our visiting canine friends can enjoy a spacious indoor dog park during their boarding or during their daycare visit.
Cat Activity Wall
For our feline friends, we have a cat activity wall that grooming clients can enjoy after their pampering. With multiple levels, hidden nooks and crannies, and plenty of space to explore, your kitty will be curiously investigating until it is time to go home.